In 2009 something happened. It looked like this: Hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of people gathered in front of the parliament building in Reykjavík, Iceland. They had their pots and pans with them and hit them with sticks and spoons and other kinds of blunt objects (apparently forks and knives were left at home). A few days later the government resigned. This was then called the pots and pans revolution. Now there are people who claim that the pots and pans revolution was no revolution at all. They argue that since the noise made by banging pots and pans was not the real reason for the resignation of the government, it did not achieve anything and can therefore not be called a revolution. This certainly makes it necessary to think a little bit about what a revolution is. I would say this: If so many people took to the streets, and made all that noise because they were protesting the government, which then resigned, and if they wanted not only a new government but also demanded new thinking in politics, then what they did was a revolution. Whether the revolution was successful is another story. In this case, perhaps not.

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