Tom Ginsburg, a legal scholar from Chicago, specializing in constitutions was in Iceland last week to talk about the draft constitution, which, unfortunately, seems on the verge of being put aside by the parliament. Currently the draft is being discussed as a constitutional bill, but due to the sustained attacks on it by legal scholars and political scientists in Iceland, even parliamentarians who used to support it, seem to be worried about legal uncertainties that might result from adopting the constitution. It is unfortunate, since it is hard to see how it could not be the case, with any new constitution that uncertainties arise from its adoption, since the interpretation of its articles cannot be wholly predicted.

Tom appeared on a weekly talk show (Silfur Egils) to explain his take on the constitution. It was refreshing to have someone give an analysis of the draft and of the situation that might help convince people that adopting the bill, will not result in a permanent constitutional crisis, as some people seem to be claiming.


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