Exit from the safety provided by the customs gate is followed by an inevitable assault of the taxi drivers. One needs a strong will not to succumb to their offers and promises of cheap and quick transport. But one should always try to assess the situation first. There is a bus leaving every ten minutes which will bring me to the train station. It costs nothing. Or almost nothing. I have to run but I manage to catch the next one. It quickly fills up with people going to work and kids going to school. Some of the seem to be university students.
Astana does not look like a city. It is a name to cover the various complexes that have been built here on the steppe over the last fifteen years or so. It is difficult to describe these structures. They are all very big and colors are an important part of them. The president seems especially fond of the colors blue, yellow and golden. Orange can also be seen. The flat landscape exaggerates their already extreme features and the constantly changing light plays on them until they seem more like a façade than actual buildings.

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