Revolution or not

In 2009 something happened. It looked like this: Hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of people gathered in front of the parliament building in Reykjavík, Iceland. They had their pots and pans with them and hit them with sticks and spoons and other kinds of blunt objects (apparently forks and knives were left at home). A few […]


One problem with referenda is the forced choice: In a referendum I am given options that may not reflect the relevant choice. In the first Icesave referendum this was clearly the case: Parliament allows the government to sign an agreement given that a certain debt to the British and the Dutch is to be paid. […]

Lives of Constitutions

Tom Ginsburg, a legal scholar from Chicago, specializing in constitutions was in Iceland last week to talk about the draft constitution, which, unfortunately, seems on the verge of being put aside by the parliament. Currently the draft is being discussed as a constitutional bill, but due to the sustained attacks on it by legal scholars […]