A Seminar on Democratic Experiments, sumar 2013

Challenges to aggregative models of democracy have been a central topic of democratic theory during the past two decades. The concept of deliberative democracy has become the main alternative concept but other models for participatory democracy have also gained ground, such as ideas connected to citizenship, civic virtue etc. In recent years authors such as […]

Political Philosophy, haust 2012

Contemporary political debates are to a large extent influenced by John Rawls’s Theory of Justice (1971). Rawls’s work served to renew Western Liberalism where an account of Justice grounded in an imaginary social contract plays the main role in the description of the good society. In this course a number of themes central to, and […]

Business Ethics, vor 2003

The course is designed for students in business and law with no prior training in ethics or moral philosophy. In this course students will get acquainted with some ethical issues frequently dealt with in business. The main focus will be on workplace issues, such as duty, rights, loyalty, discrimination and whistle-blowing. We will also to […]